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Our Lady of Mercy


Solemnity: September 24

Mother and Foundress of the Order of the BVM of Mercy

Our Order, along with the Church, admires and exalts Mary, who is united to the saving work of her Son by an indissoluble bond, as the most splendid fruit of redemption, and contemplates her as the most pure image of that which it itself yearns and hopes to be.

We, the Mercedarians, intend to love Mary as her sons and to honor her as “Our Mother”, for she is the spiritual foundress of the Order. We strive to uphold her as a lively model of consecration to God and of redemptive service to men; we beg her constantly fore faithful perseverance in our vocation and we feel obliged to promote with ardor her devotion among members of the Mercedarian family, oppressed Christians and the faithful entrusted to our apostolic service.

In order to know and imitate her better, we, the Mercedarians, study with particular interest the figure of Mary; we must show forth her mission and the privileges with simplicity and competence and promote authentic Marian devotion by our life and example.​

We honor the Mother of God especially with the following acts:

  1. the daily recitation of five decades of the Rosary

  2. on Saturdays, according to liturgical law, the Mass of our most holy Mother and the Liturgy of the Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary; and, at the appropriate hour, the singing of the “Salve Regina”;

  3. special prayers for oppressed Christians on the last Saturday on each month;

  4. the solemn celebration of her feast on September 24th;

  5. the dedication of provinces, churches, and oratories;

  6. the presence of her image in the choir an private rooms of the religious.

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