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Our Ministries

The Order, during the course of its history and according to the needs of the Church, besides its redemptive mission, has undertaken other charitable and apostolic ministries. Presently, the Order continues to exercise these ministries by organizing them according to the needs of each local Church and updating them in conformity with its redemptive mission.


The redemptive spirit of the Order must foster the entire apostolic action of the religious, so that it may find in it, its nourishment and unity.


In the United States, you will find Mercedarian Friars serve in the following ways:

  • In parishes as pastors, parochial vicars, and parish staff;

  • In schools as teachers, administrators, or staff;

  • In hospitals as chaplains;

  • In prisons as chaplains;

  • In other capacities such as spiritual directors, youth ministers, and as board members to our St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation.

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