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Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy

Mercedarian Friars  USA

During our permanent formation meetings this past June, our friars met with His Excellency Earl K. Fernandes, Bishop of Columbus.

About the Mercedarian Friars

Who are we?

The Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, also known as the Mercedarian Friars, was founded in 1218 and is an international community of priests and brothers, who live a life of prayer and communal fraternity based on the Rule of Saint Augustine and the Constitutions of the Order.


From this life flows the apostolic work of the Order that seeks to carry on the work of our founder, Saint Peter Nolasco, who in imitation of Jesus the Redeemer, offered even his life for those Christians in need of redemptive love.


Where are we?

Communities in the USA

As Mercedarians, we seek to proclaim the freedom of the Gospel message to all who are in captivity and in danger of losing their faith giving even our lives, should it be necessary for the sake of the captives in parishes, chaplaincies, and schools. 


Called to be a Mercedarian?

Vocations in the USA

In the face of the new captivities of our age, St. Peter Nolasco's mission is just as relevant today as it was 800 years ago.  Is the Lord calling you to walk in his footsteps, along the path of Redemptive Charity?


How can you help?

Support the Vicariate

Since our humble beginnings in 1218, our Order has relied upon the generosity and support of the laity to fulfill our redemptive mission.  Discover how you can assist us in forming the next generation of redeemers!

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